New York City Area Bar Mitzvah Entertainment

Here at Bar Mitzvah Venues, we know that throwing an unforgettable Bar or Bat Mitzvah to celebrate your son or daughterís transition into an adult is crucial. Itís still extremely time-consuming and requires organizational skills, connections and a lot of dedication into the art of planning the event.

Thankfully, we are here to take care of everything as you relax and immerse yourself in this one in a lifetime celebration instead of worrying about organizing it and missing out on what really matters which is being in the moment with friends and family as you celebrate the spiritual transition of your child.

Our team here at Bar Mitzvah Venues ensures high-quality event productions and takes care of the entirety of your celebration. Through planning, meetings, and hard work, we guarantee high customer satisfaction as we nurture your ideas, personal themes, and special requests to create the perfect event for you. Coined the "Mitzvah Angels," our planners are known for the outstanding work they do and most importantly, their impressive attention to detail.

We are known for making any party dream come true as we tailor our events specifically to each of our customers' personalities and desires. We authentically strive to tastefully incorporate your desired theme into the perfect event as best we could by paying extra attention to detail and aesthetics. Our Mitzvah Angels do indeed turn any event into a magical one!

Here is a more detailed breakdown of what is also included in our Bar Mitzvah Venues planning services in New York:

  • We will connect you with amazing New York City venues (ballrooms, rooftops, yachts, etc.) and schedule visits for them.
  • We will help negotiate food and beverage fees to make your event as cost effective as possible. We do this with ease thanks to our exclusive relationships with top New York City vendors.
  • Keep track of vendor costs, service costs, and other noteworthy fees in order to keep you up to date with your expenses. We can also help create/manage/maintain your desired budget.
  • Monitor the pictures and videos of your event to make sure you have flawless and joyful lasting memories.
  • Help with recommendations concerning dessert stations, candy buffets, entertainment, production, invitations, decor, music, theme, musical performers, games, photo booth, special guest appearances, and souvenirs!
  • Help you review contracts thoroughly and point out areas of concern or answer questions that may not be clear.
  • Do a sound and media check if necessary depending on your venue and event.
  • Help create an amazing catering menu for you and your guests to enjoy (suggestions, plate presentation, modern food concepts, other recommendations). This is important since food and beverages can make or break your event. Lucky for you, we know which venues in New York City can deliver edible excellence and accommodate guests with any special diet requests.
  • We will help introduce modern event ideas such as live streaming and social media integration to make sure your event is seen and heard on the platforms of your choice. These are also a great way to allow guests who are unable to attend feel like a part of your childís big day.

Thanks to the experience and work of our Mitzvah Angels, we assure that each element of your special event will come together harmoniously and represent who you are!