Celebrity Wranglers

Has your kid had the same celebrity crush for years? Want to make all their dreams come true? Have their idol make a special appearance on their special day! You’ll be rewarded with the HUGE smile on their face and we’re sure they’ll be talking about how it was the best day of their life for years to come!

We pride ourselves on having unlimited connections in the world of stardom. Our dedicated team of professionals will work with you to find the perfect celebrity host for the night. From musicians, to athletes, to television personalities and everything in between, if your child wants them we will make it happen!

Know you want a celebrity to make an appearance, but just not sure who? We can work with you and your budget to find the perfect celebrity. We’ll start with your child’s interests, and the latest trends and put together a list of potential candidates. We’ll narrow it down and you can take your pick!

When it comes to the day of, not only will your child be thrilled, but the guests as well! I mean, theres nothing like a celebrity appearance to the party started. Everyone will be snapping photos of and with the celebrity all night. The perfect entertainment for your little star!

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