Bar and Bat Mitzvahs are incredible events to capture on video. Typically beginning at the synagogue, with your child’s reading from the Torah to recording the fun and exciting party that follows, our experienced videographers will capture the celebration that is your child's transition into adulthood.

These are memories meant to last a lifetime. A special and momentous experience, a once-in-a-lifetine occasion to be celebrated and remembered for years to come. Your family will treasure these videos, looking back on their achievements with nostalgia. Don’t rely on memory or grainy snapshots, capture and relive the event for posterity!

At, we will connect you to professional and experienced videographers that are skilled and respectful in preserving the sanctity of your religious event. Using high-definition camera equipment and hidden, wireless microphones, to reveal every expression and prayer without interference or interruption. Film captures more than the event itself; it depicts the wavering emotions of your child, and laughs and smiles of family members

All of our videographers are professionals dedicated to exceeding your expectations with an approach that’s practical in application, but imaginative and creative in the end. You’ll get a video that’s gorgeous to look at, one you’re proud to share. It takes a special talent to bring out the best of a bar or bat mitzvah. Choosing the angles, getting the best shot and maintaining the best sound quality all require a steady hand and a lot of experience. When you hired a Bar Mitzvah Venue Vendor for your celebration, you get all that and more!

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