10 Reasons to Hire a Professional Planner for Your Mitzvah

When you think of party planning and event coordinators, you might think about weddings or large-scale company events. But if you’re looking to curate a bar/bat mitzvah ceremony and celebration, hiring the right event planner can be a huge asset.

In fact, there are event planners who specialize in coordinating stunning mitzvah events in New York City, like our team of pros at Mitzvah Venues. We help hundreds of families like yours with planning, hosting, and celebrating this momentous occasion and rite of passage. And we know just how important it is that we get every detail right – including the traditional elements iconic for these celebrations.

Don’t just take our mitzvah-planning word for it, though. Hiring a professional event planner in New York to facilitate your upcoming mitzvah has even more advantages. If you need a reason to hire a mitzvah planner, here are 10 reasons to work with a pro.

1. Mitzvah Planners Save You Time

Planning a memorable and stunning mitzvah requires more than a year of planning. And if you only have one child, that’s still a year’s worth of visiting New York venues, sampling caterer menus, and deliberating cakes. For those families who have more than one child preparing for a mitzvah, the event planning process can be even more time-consuming.

When you hire a professional bar/bat mitzvah planner, like Mitzvah Venues, you can let experts handle all those calling, vetting, and sampling efforts for you. You don’t have to take off work or rearrange your schedule, trying to fit in appointments. And event planners understand your time is valuable. Let our team do the hours of research and curating for you.

2. Mitzvah Planners Save You Money

Planning a bar/bat mitzvah celebration, regardless of its size or scale, is a costly endeavor. You’ll likely have reserves saved up to cover expenses, including the NYC venue, the meal service, the entertainment, the florist, and the photographer. And as you sit down with your mitzvah budget, you’ll also realize there are going to be other costs and incidentals to consider, like tipping, attire, and postage. It’s all going to add up fast.

However, when you work with an event planner who specializes in bar/bat mitzvah planning, you have a strategic negotiator in your corner. Planners are masters at negotiating costs, and they know how to produce thrilling events on a budget. Let the pros help you trim unnecessary spending from your mitzvah budget. And they’ll be able to cover every detail without breaking the bank.

3. Mitzvah Planners Contingency Plan for You

When planning your upcoming bar/bat mitzvah, you’ll essentially have to make arrangements twice. Contingency planning is essential for nearly every element of your celebration. You’ll need to make plans for backup entertainment and photography. And you’ll also need to be prepared for event day hiccups, like meal service mistakes, short-staffed vendors, or even weather.

Another reason to connect with an event planner is to tap into their incredible contingency planning skills. Event planners are expert problem-solvers, and they’re anticipatory with every step. They’re seasoned with hundreds of bar/bat mitzvahs under their belts, so they know how to prepare for the worst. Bring in a pro and let them handle all the contingencies for you, so you can rest assured that your celebration will go off without a hitch.

4. Mitzvah Planners Know All the Latest Trends

A typical family might only have to plan one or two bar/bat mitzvahs – ever. It kind of means you’re out of the loop on the latest and greatest trends for creating over-the-top exciting mitzvah celebrations. You could try to research on your own, falling down the rabbit hole of endless online suggestions and ideas. Or, you could hire an event planner.

Professional mitzvah planners do this for a living. This means they’re plugged into all the coolest ideas, the latest event trends, and emerging technologies that make events spectacular. Hire a pro and get inspired by all the creative expertise they bring to the table. And know you’re about to host a mitzvah that your family, guests, and friends will be talking about for ages.

5. Mitzvah Planners Organize Every Detail

You might be confident in your own ability to coordinate the big stuff. But there’s more, including a slew of details to consider and manage when planning a New York bar/bat mitzvah. We’re talking hundreds of checklist items to think about, along with making calls, following up, and managing schedules. Here are just a few event details that families often overlook at first:

  • Making arrangements for traveling or out-of-town attendees.
  • Packing a last-minute bag with a sewing kit, stain remover, hairbrush, and bottled water.
  • Finalizing seating arrangements the week of the event.
  • Planning for post-event meal leftovers and event tear-down efforts.
  • Selecting gifts or souvenirs for your guests.
  • Addressing event dress codes.

The good news is an event planner already has all the organizational processes in place to ensure every mitzvah detail is managed successfully. They keep tight schedules and deadlines, ensuring every stage of planning is properly executed. All you have to do is communicate your ideas and preferences. The event planner will handle everything else.

6. Mitzvah Planners Know All the NYC Vendors

Looking at your bar/bat mitzvah planning to-do list, how many vendors do you need to hire? How many event-related phone calls are you faced with making? Do you know what questions to ask before selecting your vendors? You’ll be overwhelmed with your vendor options in New York City, too, with so many incredible venues, event service providers, and options. Narrowing down your selection and vetting the best is going to be a tall order. And it’s going to require organization, planning, and strategy.

Or, you can hire an event planning professional in New York City, like Mitzvah Venues. Our team enjoys working relationships with all the hottest NYC venues, event service providers, and mitzvah-related specialties. Work with a pro and take the guesswork out of finding and booking the best-fit vendors for your mitzvah celebration.

7. Mitzvah Planners Understand Traditional & Modern Event Designs

You’re planning a uniquely momentous occasion that’s rooted in rich traditions. Your mitzvah is a ceremony first and a party second. And while you want your teen’s celebration to be infused with modern amenities and personality, you also want to prioritize the dynamics of tradition and family.

Hire an event planner who specializes in curating phenomenal bar/bat mitzvahs. They understand that mitzvahs call for unique expertise that focuses on the significance of tradition with this pivotal rite of passage. And they can seamlessly integrate the elements of trendy excitement without compromising your family’s relished traditions.

8. Mitzvah Planners Handle Event Execution

There’s planning a bar/bat mitzvah. Then there’s executing the event and celebration. Even if you manage to tackle every detail leading up to the big day, you’ll still have to manage and monitor the event on the big day. And that requires an entirely different strategy with problem-solving, time management, and ensuring all your guests are having a great time.

However, when you have a mitzvah planner in your corner, you already have a dedicated team of pros who can shepherd your event through to the final guest farewell. Event planners are overseeing every event dynamic, making sure dinner is served on time, confirming that the band is set up and ready, and intently surveying the crowd to ensure guests are safely enjoying themselves.

9. Mitzvah Planners Think of Everything

There is no worse feeling than arriving to your mitzvah and realizing that you’ve made a massive oversight. From forgetting to pick up the cake to completely overlooking the parking dilemma at the venue, hiccups like these can be stressful.

But if you’re working with a seasoned NYC event planner, know you have a pro who will think of literally everything. Because planners already have an itemized process in place for planning and executing, they know all the details to cover. They’ll think of everything ahead of time so bottlenecks don’t happen, oversights don’t ruin the day, and Uncle Ken doesn’t show up in his Hawaiian shirt.

10. Mitzvah Planners Make Sure You Can Relax

Probably the number one reason why families trust the guidance of a professional planner for their mitzvahs is the stress factor. When you’re charged with handling all the details over a year in advance, it’s stressful. And crunch time in the weeks or days leading up to the bar/bat mitzvah can be downright anxiety-inducing.

Professional mitzvah planners understand the weight these types of celebrations carry – and they’re pros at alleviating your stress. Hire an expert planner and breath a sigh of relief knowing your bar/bat mitzvah ceremony and celebration will be curated spectacularly, managed professionally, and executed brilliantly. And then sit back and enjoy yourself and your teen’s special day!

If any of these 10 reasons to hire a professional planner for your bar/bat mitzvah resonate with you, connect with Mitzvah Venues! Let our team of planning experts, with years of experience in working with families and mitzvah celebrations, help you create the most magical mitzvah for your teen.