6 Insights for Choosing the Best Bar/Bat Mitzvah Entertainment in NYC

When you’re planning your young teen’s bar/bat mitzvah, you’ll have a pretty sizable list of vendors and event services to hire. But while you’re busy sampling caterers and touring New York City venues, don’t overlook the ever-important event entertainment. Booking the wrong mitzvah entertainment can seriously tank the vibes and energy of your teen’s celebration. However, it’s equally challenging to know how to choose entertainment that equally speaks to your diverse group of guests. If you need bar/bat mitzvah entertainment inspiration, you’ll want to check out this list of great NYC entertainment options.

1. Air Hockey & Foosball Fun

While your teen is officially taking the first step into adulthood, it’s still a good idea to keep the bar/bat mitzvah entertainment kid-friendly and fun. Be open to finding venues with gaming corners or spaces that allow you to bring in foosball tables, air hockey, or timed hoop-shoot games. These extra activities are great for entertaining guests of all ages, the young and the adult alike.

2. Dance Floor DJ Masters

Choose a DJ master with experience not only with your teen’s favorite music but also with hosting a mitzvah. If the dancefloor isn’t hoppin’, your guests will feel it. Be mindful when vetting your potential DJ professionals to make sure they have the experience you need to bring the magic and fun to the dance floor.

3. VR Gaming Corners

You’ll be hard-pressed to find any teen or kid today who isn’t at least familiar with video gaming systems. Consider adding VR games and console corners to your teen’s mitzvah celebration. These outlets can be great fun for all your guests, especially the younger generations. And it might surprise you to see just how many adults spend quality time with these digital games, too!

4. Photo & Video Booths

A photo booth is a downright staple of any New York event these days. But you can also get more interactive with video booths and 360-degree stages. These activations are great memory-makers, perfect for bar/bat mitzvahs. And your teens will all be laughing, videoing, and sharing those moments all over their social media profiles in celebration.

5. Dancers, Artists & Acrobats

Elevate your teen’s bar/bat mitzvah entertainment by booking stage professionals to wow your party guests. Today’s modern mitzvahs often include various dancers and performers, artists, and acrobats to dazzle the crowds. Whether you’re thinking of circus performers, temporary tattoo artists, dancers, or celebrities, these stage entertainers can bring captivating fun and excitement to your mitzvah celebration.

6. Magicians, Comedians & Mentalists

Consider introducing elements of mystery and awe with a brilliant magician at your teen’s upcoming mitzvah. Other solo acts might include mind-bending mentalists or side-splitting comedians, too. Choose one of these entertainers based on your teen’s tastes and your mitzvah themes. And let one of these top NYC pros entertain your crowd all night!

If you’re stumped about what bar/bat mitzvah entertainment to book for your teen’s upcoming celebration, let our Mitzvah Venues event planning team be your guide! We specialize in curating imaginative and memorable mitzvahs in New York City. And we know all the latest trends and must-haves your teen and mitzvah guests will love. Contact us, and let’s start planning!